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Mory B. Framer, Ph.D., QME
Dr. Framer’s unparalleled professional reputation is as solid as his more than 30 years as a forerunner in the field of trauma psychology and forensics.  Back to the 1970s when he graduated from UCLA, Dr. Framer has been an innovative leader and award-winning psychologist in these demanding specialties. 

During his Masters and Doctorate studies at California School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Framer interned at the Center for Legal Psychiatry serving as a liaison to the court by conducting forensic assessments.  However, it was as President and Co-founder of Barrington Psychiatric Center that his reputation grew, becoming a widely-known and sought-after expert in the assessment of psychological injuries (Workers Compensation and Civil Litigation).  At the same time, he was at the cutting edge of the newly developing field of psychological trauma.

While at the Barrington Psychiatric Center (1979 – 1995), Dr. Framer directed and supervised a staff of 40 psychiatrists and psychologist who performed more than 120 medical-legal evaluations per month.  Seeing the need to reduce healthcare costs, he developed C.A.L.M. (Computer Assisted Loss Management) which allowed major companies to predict future losses and intervene before those losses materialized.

Over the next decade, Dr. Framer parlayed his experiences into Framer Psychology Group bringing together top psychologists in California to provide the highest quality medical legal opinions in contested cases.  The next logical advance was to join forces with Genesis Psychology Group which Dr. Framer did in 2006.  Since then, he has continued to provide QME opinions through Genesis Psychology Group which has set the industry bar for quality delivery of fact-based reports.

Dr. Framer is a national and international trauma expert.  He is the founder and former Chairman of the Trauma Response Committee of the California State Psychological Association.  He has consulted on many of the highest-profile and largest disasters since the 1980s when we were becoming increasingly aware of the psychological impact of these devastating events. 

Even an abbreviated list of his accomplishments is extensive.  Dr. Framer consulted with local professionals after hurricanes (Andrew, Hugo), earthquakes (Northridge, Loma Prieta), plane crashes (PSA), shootings (Columbine High School, Stockton Schoolyard) and war (Operation Desert Storm).  In April 1990, after a North Sea Ferry fire, Dr. Framer consulted on-site with the Swedish Minister of Occupation about the delivery of psychological services to survivors and rescue workers.  It is no wonder that his media resume is impressive: CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, KTLA, KABC, BBC, Fox, Good Morning Canada, L.A. Times, L.A. Herald-Examiner, Miami Herald, and USA Today (Cover Story), to name just a few.

But all of Dr. Framer’s professional achievements would be wasted were it not for his ability to develop rapport with injured employees and plaintiffs during comprehensive face-to-face evaluations.  He is gifted in balancing personal charm, interpersonal skills, and professional objectivity.  Dr. Framer is truly an innovator and leader in the field of forensic and trauma psychology.